Our Story

We are cyclists. Cyclists who race bikes, commute by bike, and ride bikes just for fun. We are the cyclists that have an insatiable appetite for the latest innovations in bike technology. We are the cyclists that talk incessantly about bicycling accoutrement like they are politics. We are the cyclists that may bore the faint at heart with our discussions about lightweight wheels, frames, components, accessories, and aerodynamics. We are the cyclists who talk about how bicycle fitting and biomechanics have been over looked for so long, until now.

One wouldn’t buy a suit or a wedding dress without it being fitted or tailored, which will be worn infrequently. So, why would one ride a bike without it being fitted? When shopping for bicycles, people are forced to compromise on geometry, weight, aerodynamics, and affordability. But, we shouldn’t have to compromise on fit. Bicycle manufacturers take the average body sizes and make bikes that will accommodate the most people possible within a given frame size, which makes perfect sense from a business aspect. However the majority people shouldn’t be purchasing a bicycle right off the floor at one of the many bicycle shops in our town without some adjustments made.

We don’t have anything to sell you other than a proper position while on your bicycle, and advice about the best gear options based on our personal experience. We will analyze each client’s bicycling goals, bicycling style, past or present injuries, and past or present bicycling concerns… whether it’s discomfort or pain, or simply the desire to go faster or further.

Jonnie Diederich holds bicycle fitting certifications from Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), Specialized Body Geometry, and Trek Fit Services.  He is also proficient at analyzing movement imbalance, and holds both a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification, and a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA – Level 2) certification.  He has worked in the cycling industry for the past 20+ years, as a fitter, shop manager, inside sales rep, and shop salesperson.  He enjoys all types of cycling, from casual rides with his dad on the local bike trail, to Cat 3 crit, road, and cyclocross racing.  His interests in anatomy, physiology, and injury rehabilitation & prevention led him to pursue a related career as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). Graduating from MATC’s PTA program in 2012, he now works with clients in a rehab setting at a local PT clinic, and also continues to apply his advanced knowledge to bicycle fitting clients through OnForm Bike Fit.